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Author Topic: RULES!!! PLEASE READ!  (Read 2787 times)
Goddess Divine
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« on: November 10, 2018, 09:03:28 PM »

Sorry gang, but we have to have rules or this place would quickly devolve into complete and utter chaos.  I, your Webmiss, am requesting that EVERYONE review the rules again. For those who have never bothered to read them, I suggest you do. I'll be damned if someone is going to report ME to a mod for language that is fully within the rules for me to use. Especially when I'm the mod that it is reported to! This is not Facebook where some mindless drone reviews reports and issues nasty grams to people for things that may offend someone's sensibilities. This is a forum that is owned by ME. The website hosting is paid for by ME.  The domain name is owned by ME. I'll damned well say what I want and if anyone doesn't like it, I'll be happy to see the ass end of you as you leave the building. I hope I've made myself perfectly clear.

General Rules

1.  For the love of Sean and out of respect for him and his family, please don't post his personal info on this board.  No cell/home/pager/fax numbers, home addresses or pics, email addresses, current/upcoming hotel addresses or their numbers, etc.  This includes the names and address of any of his friends, family and neighbors, including any pub that might be right next door to him.  All such posts will be deleted.

2.  Don't discuss issues you have with another board member directly on the board. Please take it off the board and into email and/or u2u or somewhere outside the board or consult a moderator.  No personal battles.

3.  Do NOT post your or any members personal details (address, phone number, etc.) on the board.

4.  Leave politics and religion outside please. That is primarily an appeal to you, but experiences have revealed that such threads heat-up the emotions and the climate of the forum can deteriorate.

5.  No derogatory slurs or comments on someone's race, religion, political orientation and/or sexuality will be allowed.  However, if you divulge anything of a sensitive nature about yourself anywhere on the board, be advised that that tidbit of information will then be considered "fair game" and it will be your own darn fault.

6.  Try to hold cursing, cussing or use of foul language to a minimum in the public threads.  Members here are from diverse cultures and use various native languages which make dictating acceptable language extremely difficult. If you find something offensive to the point that you cannot tolerate it, please contact a moderator.  This is not your momma's house, grade school or church, so don't expect us to be angels and nobody is subject to having their mouths washed out with soap because of salty language.  We are not the speech police.

7.  Please check the forum for existing threads before you start a new one and check to see what goes in what.  If you have general info/biography/filmography information, please check the Main pages of SBO to ensure you are not duplicating information already posted.

8.  We pay for our bandwidth, so do not hotlink or embed without the express permission of Sable.  NEVER hotlink or repost from any of the other fansites/forums without express permision from the persons who orginated the material.

9.  The mods are not responsible for anything posted in this community (unless they post it themselves). Members of this forum take sole responsibility for the material that is posted here.  Anything found to be libelous will be removed.  Please remember that bragging is rude and can become quite boring.  Just because you may have met Sean or have an autograph you don't have to rub it in.  We do, however, love to hear all about these things (pics are even better).  You will still be called a "jammy cow", but that is par for the course around here.  (Jammy Cow = a most fortunate wench)

10.  Anyone blatantly trying to advertise or promote websites, articles or whatever for profit will be deleted and banned immediately.  Go and promote your stuff at eBay: we are not remotely interested! Legitimate links to other great fan sites can be found on the WWW page on SBO main.  To add a site, send a u2u or email to Sable.

11.  This is a Sean Bean forum: please keep the Bean threads Bean, there are enough non-Sean related threads to do as you please.  If you want a category/section added, make a request to Sable or Bluejay.  Yes, we do get off topic sometimes, but usually it is about things like how to tie an officer's sash or how to chop off a head with a Model 1796 saber, or who designed those shoes he's wearing, or what kind of tree was that in Lady C, but hey, shit happens.

12.  We are a discussion board, so feel free to discuss.  This is not the Shrine of Saint Sean and everyone is entitled to their opinions.  If you don't agree with someone who has a gripe about him, be courteous in your discussion so that it remains a discussion.  We do acknowledge the fact that Sean Bean has a private life, where he has the right to make his own choices.  However, his children are not celebs and are entitled to their own private lives until such time as they choose to no longer remain out of the public eye.  If your SOLE purpose for coming here is to bash or malign or generally be nasty about Sean or the members of this forum, including the lecturing of said members for expressing their opinions either for or against anyone for finding ironic humour in anything that is said or pointed out or made a joke of, feel free to leave NOW and don't let the door hit your butt on the way out.

13.  You have to register and possess a valid account to enter the Picture Gallery and to post on the forum.  The accounts are independent of each other, meaning you have to register separately for the Gallery and the Forum.  It's free and painless.  Sorry, that's just the way it is.  Once you register for an account you must login for the first time within 7 days of being approved.  After 7 days, if your Last Visit status is still Never, your account will be deleted.  You may register again, but the same rule will also apply to the new registration.

14.  If you come across anything that the Gallery or the Archives don't have and would like to see it added, please u2u or email Sable.

15.  If you are a newcomer to the goodness of the Bean, please don't hesitate to ask anyone to further your Bean education.  We get really excited when we gain new Sacred Arse Acolytes and will inundate you with more Bean knowledge than you ever imagined possible.  Nor will we berate you for having other obsessions, like Ralph Fiennes (RF), Richard Armitage (RA), Viggo Mortensen (VM), Daniel Craig (DC), Orlando Bloom (Orli), etc.  Even us mods are guilty of that.

17.  If you don't understand an abbreviation, Yorkshire/Brit slang, or an acronym, don't hesitate to ask.  OR, if English is your second language and you need something explained, just ASK.  Eventually there will be a thread just for a glossary and a list of acronyms.

18.  All offline trades and sales are at your own risk. The terms of transactions are set up between the members and should be done u2u or outside of the forum.  The moderators of this forum are not responsible for any problems that occur during a trade.  If you have constant bad experiences with a member, please write Sable or a mod a message.

19.  SBO is a multicultural society.  That means no member has the right to disparage or make fun of any other member, male or female, their nationality, ethnicity, religion, age, profession, education or skill with the English language.  If you don't quite understand anything that is posted, ASK someone for clarification or translation.

20. DO NOT bash/gossip/etc about other forums (Sean forums or other) on this board. It's not fair to others who own them, etc and I don't want anyone to cause any trouble or hurting someone else.

21. To our guests, please be advised that your access on the board prior to registration has been limited to just the more public sort of sections.  For full access, you have to register.  If you have any problems with the restrictions, feel free to drop me a line using the contact form via the home page of SBO.  http://seanbeanonline.org/  I'm willing to listen, but if you are too chick...whatever...to register and let your presence be know, then you'll just have to live with it or take your paranoid arse someplace else.

22. Political correctness is not something that will be highly adhered to, but, if you say something that can be considered offensive or is widely understood to be offensive to someone you will be called out for it. If something is clearly meant in a joking manner, any disputes over political correctness will be judged by an admin. If you want to understand what the limitations are please seek out an episode of Bill Maher's Real Time on Youtube and you'll get a better understanding of what will and will not be acceptable. Being a whiny little bitch because someone hurt your feelings will not earn you any applause here.

Picture Rules

1.  Signatures and graphics attached to a thread shall not affect the readability of the page.  The following general guidelines will apply:

2.  Pictures/banners maximum size is 468x60 pixel (width x height). The width has to be arranged in such a way, that no horizontal scrolling is required at a resolution of 800x600.

3.  Please don't post any pictures that contain nudity (pictures that include full frontal nudity and/or 'butt' shots) in the general forum. There is an 18+ forum for those pictures.  To request access, send Sable or a moderator a u2u.

4.  When posting more than one picture, only post 5 pictures per post to keep the loading time acceptable for anyone not using high speed access.  If using only clickable thumbnails, the limit is 20 pictures per post.  But do remember we have a mighty fine Gallery.  If the width of your image exceeds 800px, please use a thumbnail link or your pic will be subject to deletion. For help on how to do this, please refer to the Help section.

Gossip Forum

There is a forum for Gossip (preferrably juic-eh) only located in the 18+ section.  This is also the place to post wild, naught-eh and/or titillating rumors, gripes and rants and anything not appropriate for general consumption.  The following additional rules apply to that section only:

1.  Discussion is encouraged, as long as no personal attacks occur.  Almost everything is possible there as long as you're not hurting or offending anyone on purpose!

2.  If you don?t like bitchiness, don't go there.  We who use the 18+ area of the board have chosen to do so because we like being bitchy just as much in writing as we do in real life.  For some of us it is the only place we can really get away with it.

3.  Sable and the moderators, along with the members of the 18+ section and through common sense along with guidelines for the whole of the forum decide what goes and what doesn't.

4.  A general warning applies for bad language in the entire 18+ section, but is much more liberal.  If you don't care for it, exercise your right to take your butt elsewhere (similar to remote control censorship).

5.  Before you can enter the 18+ you will have to be 18 years or older and must have made 25 legitimate posts, so we know we can trust you. When you have made 25 posts, u2u Sable or a mod and one of us will let you know as soon as possible. Exceptions to the 25 posts rule are possible strictly on a case-by-case basis depending on submission of evidence to support the request for waiver, such as a history under other screen names on other fan boards, if you know Sable or any of the mods, have a history on other Bean boards, or have authored 18+ fanfic elsewhere.

6. If you make a claim, an innuendo or suggest you heard, know or see something that others don't, expect to be asked to support what you are saying.  Merely saying "Because I said so" or "Because I'm an expert" or "Trust me" won't cut it.  If you are challenged to put up or shut up, either elaborate in detail what you are hinting at and proof of why we should believe any "expert" opinion or else withdraw your post.  None of us can really prove who and what we are on a forum such as this, quite the contrary, we can be who or whatever we want to be unless we have met other members and they can attest to the validity of our claims.  Making claims that suggest or hint at anything serious without any substantiation could cause real harm to Sean and his livelihood.  We don't really know who is reading our forums and any one of you could be a casting agent out looking for anything that might cause concern if looking to cast Sean in a project.
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