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Author Topic: Crimes against Sean  (Read 2851 times)
Goddess Divine
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« on: November 10, 2018, 10:26:56 PM »

If anyone, on any site, or board downloads an illegal torrent of one of Sean's films before it has been released on DVD, self-made clips and/or screencaps that appear on any other site, that site's administrator may allow the caps/clips to be posted or encourages this activity they will be banned on SBO.  When a film hasn't even finished making the festival rounds or its theatrical release you are definitely in violation of International and US Copyright laws. If I was to allow them here on SBO this site could be held liable for the violations. I generally know what the release status is of Sean's projects because I am on his agency's distribution list for such information.  I want to restate my policy here concerning those activities and why you will not see such caps/clips of any films or television episodes on SBO until AFTER the DVD release date, either Region 1 or Region 2, whichever is later.

While I may be guilty of downloading torrents myself, you will never see any caps or clips from any film obtained in such a way posted by me anywhere on the web until AFTER the DVD release date and I have actually received a PURCHASED copy of the film.  You will not see any parts of them until both Region 1 AND Region 2 DVDs are released. SBO has been privileged to be included in promotion efforts for a few films now and I truly believe that it is this respect that we give to the men and women who work so hard at producing films that has led to an increase in invitations to participate in these activities.  I have even received screener versions of a few films, not all of them Sean's.

Now be assured, my restatement and condemnation of these blatant infringements will be held up as mocking and scornful of other websites and I'll likely be kicked off of a board or two, and probably get some pretty nasty emails because of my stance on this issue.  I'm sure I will be accused of trying to tell other boards how to conduct their business.  Be that as it may, I know that those who complain loudest are those the most guilty of it.  Fansites such as SBO have been left alone for many years when it comes to photo and media galleries simply because it means a lot of good publicity and is good for an artist's image, but when things go too far and people's incomes are affected by such blatant copyright infringement, you can be certain that they will start coming down on fansites.

If you disagree with my stance on this matter, feel free to trot on over to some other board and enjoy the spoils of someone else's unsavory actions.
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