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The Many Faces of Sean Bean

Extremely Dangerous

Available on DVD
Sean Bean ... Neil Byrne
Juliet Aubrey ... Annie Fleming
Tony Booth ... Palmer
Ralph Brown ... Joe
Douglas Rao ... Elgin
Ron Donachie ... Gebbert
Alex Norton ... Wallace
John Biggins... Manson
Directed by ... Sallie Aprahamian
Screenplay ... Murray Smith
Convicted of the shocking and gruesome slaughter of his wife and young daughter, Neil Byrne jumps off a speeding train and escapes into the night, leaving behind only his guards and a paperback novel, Patagonia, whose margins are full of inscrutable shorthand markings.

As Byrne is forced undercover, taking on former acquaintances of a ruthless organised crime syndicate and evading capture by their mobs, the police and sinister government agencies, we begin to learn more details of his crime, and the significance of the missing paperback. Protested innocence seems an irrelevance as unseen masters use Byrne and his pursuers as expendable pawns in a chilling battle to protect deeper, darker secrets....

This fugitive tale, which follows a haunted man through his past and present, is about the love of family, the thrills of a forbidden affair and the violence and intrigue of a world beyond the law.

The action takes place in Manchester and London where our hero has to take on the forces of Organised Crime and of the corrupt Secret Security Service and must avoid capture by the Police before he can discover those guilty of murder and theft and so prove his innocence.

Filming began on June 14, 1999 for 8 weeks in London and Manchester.
Extremely Dangerous


Bravo Two Zero

Available on DVD
Sean Bean ... Andy McNab
Steve Nicolson ... Dinger
Rick Warden ... Tony
Richard Graham ... Mark
Kevin Collins ... Chris
Ian Curtis ... Baz
Jamie Bartlett ... Ray
Robert Hobbs... Stan
Ron Senior Jr... Pete
Robert Whitehead... Iraqi Colonel
Directed by ... Tom Clegg
Screenplay ... Andy McNab, Troy Kennedy Martin
This is the true story of the most highly decorated British patrol since the Boer war: an eight man SAS team inserted behind Iraqi lines during the Gulf War in January 1991. Their mission was to take out the scud missiles which Saddam Hussein was using to terrorize his enemies, as well as to sever strategic communication lines between Baghdad and North West Iraq. This top secret mission was called "Bravo Two Zero".

Of the eight who went out, only five returned. Dropped into "scud alley" carrying 210-pound packs, McNab and his men soon found themselves surrounded by Saddam's army. Their radios didn't work; the weather was brutally cold. And they had been spotted. The story of Bravo Two Zero includes the no-holds-barred detail of McNab's capture by the Iraqis, and the harrowing torture they inflicted on him.

Principal photography on the $6.5 million project began August 12, 1997 in South Africa's Northern Cape province. Filming continued on location for four weeks in and around the desert near the small town of Uppington, for three weeks in the country's commercial capital of Johannesburg; and for a week in London's Twickenham Studios in early October.
Bravo Two Zero

The Canterbury Tales: The Nun's Priest

Available online
Sean Bean ... The Nun's Priest
Robert Lindsay ... Harry Bailey
John Wood ... The Knight
Billie Whitelaw ... The Wife of Bath
Bill Nighy ... The Merchant
Tim McInnerny ... The Pardoner
Imelda Staunton.. The Prioress
Neil Dudgeon... The Miller
Ronan Vibert... The Squire
Mark Williams... Chanticleer
Geraldine Sommerville... Pertelote
David Troughton... The Friar
Produced by ... S4C / BBC - Christmas Films, Moscow
The Nun's Priest tells the story of a rooster, hen and fox - Chaunticleer, Lady Pertelote, and Daun Russel, respectively. Chaunticleer and Pertelote discuss whether or not the rooster should fear his dreams. Chaunticleer recounts a dream he had involving a beast that looked and acted like a fox. Pertelote tells him that dreams have no meaning, and that he should take a laxative.

Chaunticleer presses on, telling several stories that seem to affect Pertelote. Thinking that perhaps he was too harsh, Chaunticleer compliments Pertelote on her appearance, telling her, "Woman is man's sole joy and bliss."

The Nun's Priest then moves to Daun Russel, the fox. Following a butterfly, Chaunticleer notices the fox. Before the rooster has a chance to run, the fox begins to flatter Chaunticleer, telling him that he only wants to hear him sing. Displaying vanity at its strongest, the rooster breaks into song, at which time Daun Russel grabs Chaunticleer by the neck and begins to run. With the entire farm - people and animals, alike - chasing after them, the rooster suggests to the fox that he turn around and laugh at those in pursuit. Once the fox turns around and opens his mouth, Chaunticleer scrambles up a tree to safety. Though Daun Russel tries again to appeal to Chaunticleer's vanity, it doesn't work the second time around.

Produced in Cardiff, London & Moscow by Christmas Films, Beryl Productions aka Pizazz & Right Angle for S4C in association with NNC Wales and Home Box Office.
The Canterbury Tales



Available on DVD
Sean Bean ... Spence
Robert de Niro ... Sam
Jonathan Pryce ... Seamus
Jean Reno ... Vincent
Natascha McElhone ... Deirdre
Stellan Skarsgard ... Gregor
Katarina Witt.. Natacha
Skip Suddeth... Larry
Directed by ... John Frankenheimer
Written by ... Richard Weisz
Screenplay by ... J.D. Zeik
Ronin, Japanese for "masterless samurai", deals with a group of former intelligence agents who have lost their way in the post-Cold War environment. They're hired by an unknown person to perform a job as a private contractor of sorts, only to realize that at the end of the operation they are to be killed because they know too much. Ronin is really a character piece that revolves around the history of each member of the team, examining their morality (or lack thereof) and how they reconcile what they did for the American, British and French governments, especially in the face of their current situation.

It all begins with a meeting in a warehouse in Paris, arranged by Deidre, an ex-Irish terrorist who has recruited five hired men to locate a mysterious briefcase. "It's something I want that others are holding on to," she says. Each member of the team has a speciality: Spence, the arms expert; Larry, the driver; Gregor, the electronics ace; the enigmatic Sam, and all of them are framed around Vincent, ex-agent of French Information.

There are epic chases on the high ground around Nice, bloody gun fights at the arena at Arles, and traps along the banks of the Seine in this game of cat and mouse. A number of scenes were also filmed in the studios at Epinay.

Ronin was filmed during four month shoot beginning in November 1997 in France.


Available on DVD
Sean Bean ... Dave Toombs
Kim Coates ... Bob Murdoch
Colm Feore ... Ron Simpson
Steve Guttenberg ... Bill McNeil
Torri Higginson ... Tammy Gemmel
Directed by ... Julian Grant
Written by ... Tony Johnston & Julian Grant
A covert-operations team is kept up the government's sleeve to infiltrate high-risk situations whenever needed. They are recruited to steal a deadly virus from a band of terrorists. Led by Commander Bill McNeil, the team confronts the thieves in a daring act of air piracy, rappelling down a cable fired at and magnetically attached to the terrorists' jet from their stealth plane. After an intense mid-air standoff the team retrieves the bottled disease. But when two members of the group turn up murdered, McNeil starts to think that their own government is knocking them off to keep the virus a secret.

Overwhelmed with suspicion, he and the remaining team steal the virus back and become the desperate quarry of a group of mysterious mercenaries who might be more familiar to them than they suspect. An intense cat and mouse game envelops the two remaining agents who now don't know who to trust or what to believe.

This third feature film from Toronto director Julian Grant was intended from the beginning to be a rip-off of Mission: Impossible crossed with The Rock and is packed with gunfights, stunts, chemically-frozen human beings whose limbs snap off during taught action sequences and some really terrible acting by Steve Guttenberg, the actor for whom this film was supposed to be his doorway into the action-hero genre.

Filmed in and around Toronto, Canada in the summer of 1997,


The Sharpe Series
1993 - 1997

For complete details about the Sharpe series, visit:
The Sharpe Adventure Guide
Richard Sharpe is the dashing maverick British rifleman fighting against Napoleon in 19th century Europe in this British television series. Based on the best-selling novels by Bernard Cornwell, the series also stars Assumpta Serna as Teresa, Daragh O'Malley as Harper, Abigail Cruttenden as Jane and Cecile Paoli as Lucille.

Filmed in Ukraine, Crimea, Yalta, Turkey, Portugal, and United Kingdom,
Series 1: Sharpe's Rifles (May 5, 1993), Sharpe's Eagle (May 12, 1993)
Series 2: Sharpe's Company (May 25, 1994), Sharpe's Enemy (June 1, 1994), Sharpe's Honour (June 8, 1994)
Series 3: Sharpe's Gold (April 12, 1995), Sharpe's Battle (April 19, 1995), Sharpe's Sword (April 26, 1995)
Series 4: Sharpe's Regiment (May 1, 1996), Sharpe's Siege (May 8, 1996), Sharpe's Mission (May 15, 1996)
Series 5: Sharpe's Revenge (May 7, 1997), Sharpe's Justice (May 14, 1997), Sharpe's Waterloo (May 21, 1997)
Sharpe's Legend - (Compilation video)
Sharpe's Sword/Gold/Battle was nominated for a BAFTA in the Drama Series Category.
Sharpe's Company/Enemy/Honour won several awards, including an International Monitor Award for Best Achievement in Film-Originated Specials.
Sharpe's Rifles/Eagles was also voted Best Action/Adventure Production in the Television Movie Awards in Mount Freedom, New Jersey, USA.

Anna Karenina

Available on DVD
Sean Bean ... Count Vronsky
Sophie Marceau ... Anna Karenina
Mia Kirshner ... Kitty
Alfred Molina ... Levin
Fiona Shaw ... Lydia Ivanova
James Fox ... Karenin
Saskia Wickham ... Dolly
Danny Huston ... Stiva
Directed by ... Bernard Rose
Screenplay ... Bernard Rose
From the Novel by ... Leo Tolstoy
A beautiful, aristocratic young woman whose life at the peak of Imperial Russian society leaves her lonely and unfulfilled...a dashing military man with a noble title and a passionate heart...an affair that begins as a private infatuation, but soon scandalizes an entire city...

Count Leo Tolstoy's classic romantic novel, Anna Karenina, paints an unforgettable portrait of two people who lose themselves in the throes of a love so powerful that it comes to dominate their very existences, changing forever their friendships, families and futures.

Their scandalous affair is contrasted in the parallel tale of a disillusioned but wealthy landowner and his marriage to a jilted society girl. Although their union begins tentatively, over time it deepens and flourishes, bringing the pair happiness and fulfillment beyond their dreams.

Leo Tolstoy's Anna Karenina was filmed on location in St. Petersburg, Russia over a six month period from February until July 1996.
Anna Karenina


When Saturday Comes

Available on DVD
Sean Bean ... Jimmy Muir
Emily Lloyd ... Annie Doherty
Pete Postlethwaite ... Ken Jackson
Melanie Hill ... Mary Muir
John McEnery ... Joe Muir
Craig Kelly ... Russell Muir
Ann Bell ... Sarah Muir
Ian Taylor ... Young Jimmy Muir
Tony Currie ... Tony Currie
Mel Sterland ... Captain
Directed by ... Maria Giese
Screenplay ... Maria Giese
Maria Giese's directorial debut follows the struggle of Jimmy Muir, a 25-year-old, working class lad who dreams of becoming a football star.

Jimmy is a hard-drinking brewery worker in the city of Sheffield, with an arrogant lack of respect for authority. His entire life revolves around football (Sheffield United) and while he shows the potential, he has never had the courage or discipline to make anything of it.

Jimmy's fortunes take a turn for the better after he is spotted by football manager Ken Jackson, while he's playing for his local pub team.

After playing brilliantly for Jackson, Jimmy is offered a trial at Sheffield United. However the evening before the trial he bows to the pressure of his class and gets drunk; he wakes up feeling rough and blows his chances with SUFC.

Faced with failure, a critical father and a dismal job, Jimmy soon becomes suicidal as his problems compound: his brother dies in a mining accident, he loses his job at the brewery and his pregnant girlfriend Annie ends their relationship. Jimmy is forced to consider his future and his choices, and to discover once and for all whether he has the self discipline to succeed.

When Saturday Comes was shot on location in Sheffield and Rotherham from 15 January until 17 February 1995. Final game sequences were shot during a live match at Bramall Lane before a live attending crowd.
When Saturday Comes


Available on DVD
Sean Bean ... Alec Trevelyan (006)
Pierce Brosnan ... James Bond
Izabella Scorupco ... Natalya Siminova
Famke Janssen ... Xenia Onatopp
Joe Don Baker ... Jack Wade
Judi Dench ... M
Robbie Coltrane ... Valentin Zukovsky
Tchiky Karyo ... Dimitri Mishkin
Gottfried John ... General Ourumov
Alan Cumming ... Boris Grishenko
Desmond Llewelyn ... Q
Samantha Bond ... Miss Moneypenny
Michael Kitchen ... Bill Tanner
Directed by ... Martin Campbell
Screenplay ... Jeffrey Caine, Bruce Feirstein, Michael France
Times have changed. The Iron Curtain has fallen, giving way to a new world order, and the power plays of political agendas have been replaced by ruthless plots for profit. The war has changed...but the warriors remain the same.

9 years after infiltrating a chemical weapons facility in Russia, where friend and fellow M:I-6 agent Alec Trevelyan 006 was killed by corrupt Russian military officer General Ourumov. Seductive British secret agent James Bond 007 is assigned by his new boss, a female 'M' to recover "GoldenEye" the access key to a top secret space weapon orbiting the Earth which fires a electromagnetic pulse which shuts down all electronic equipment. The "GoldenEye" has been stolen from the Severnya space research station by General Ourumov and the lethal and deadly Xenia Onatopp and slaughtered everyone at Servernya. Helped by Russian computer programmer Natalya Siminova, who was the sole survivor of the Servernya massacre and witnessed Ourumov and Xenia steal the "GoldenEye", Bond learns Ourumov and Xenia are working for Alec Trevelyan, now a renegade M:I-6, and 006 plans on using GoldenEye to wipe out London. 007 and Natalya set out to Cuba where Bond faces Trevelyan in a thrilling showdown as 007 sets out to save London from destruction.
16 January 1995 - first principal photography on Goldeneye (Bond meets Zukovsky)
22 January 1995 - the cast of Goldeneye is presented to the press at Leavesden
29 January 1995 - filming starts in Puerto Rico
09 February 1995 - filming of scenes inside Alec Trevelyan's Cuban satellite centre
13 February 1995 - the Monaco/Monte Carlo casino scene is filmed in England
25 February 1995 - filming of scenes on board the Lafayette
14 March 1995 - Sean Bean's first day on the set
03 April 1995 - Goldeneye's main unit starts filming at the Nene Valley railway in Cambridgeshire, England
06 June 1995 - last principal photography


Bible Stories: Jacob

Available on DVD
Sean Bean ... Esau
Joss Ackland ... Isaac
Juliet Aubrey ... Leah
Lara Flynn Boyle ... Rachel
Cecilia Dazzi ... Billah
Giancarlo Giannini ... Laban
Philip Locke ... Diviner
Matthew Modine ... Jacob
Daniel Newman ... Reuben
Christoph M. Ohrt ... Be'or
Irene Papas ... Rebekah
Yvonne Scio ... Judith
Christoph Waltz ... Morash
Directed by ... Peter Hall
Screenplay ... Lionel Chetwynd
Jacob and Rachel are two young lovers willing to go through anything to be together. After tricking his older brother Esau out of his birthright, Jacob leaves home in fear of his life. Upon seeing Rachel's beauty for the first time, he forgets his past and only dreams of his future with her.

Penniless and unemployed, Jacob offers Rachel's father the only thing he can give for her hand in marriage - manual labor for seven years. But Uncle Laban is a treacherous and selfish man, and on what should be the happiest night of Jacob's life, he orchestrates the ultimate deceit. Rachel must watch as Jacob is forced to start a family with another. Jacob must work for his conniving uncle for close to two decades to win the love of his life.

This film is one of a series of Bible stories made by the U.S. based Turner Network Television (TNT), shot on location with input from religious leaders and historians from around the world.


Available on DVD
Sean Bean ... Lord Fenton
Joanne Whalley-Kilmer ... Scarlett O'Hara
Timothy Dalton ... Rhett Butler
Barbara Barrie ... Pauline
Stephen Collins ... Ashley Wilkes
Annabeth Gish ... Anne Hampton
George Grizzard ... Henry Hamilton
Julie Harris ... Eleanor Butler
Melissa Leo ... Suellen
Esther Rolle ... Mammy
Jean Smart ... Sally Brewton
Elizabeth Wilson ... Aunt Eulalie
Paul Winfield ... Big Sam
Ann-Margret ... Belle Watling
John Gielgud ... Pierre Robillard
Colm Meaney ... Father Colum O'Hara
Directed by ... John Erman
Screenplay ... William Hanley
From the novel by ... Alexandra Ripley
In this blockbuster, six hour, $40 million sequel to Gone With the Wind, Scarlett is spurned by family and society, but wants only to regain the love of her husband Rhett. However, the charming hero rejects her again and again.

In one dramatic sequence, Rhett saves Scarlett from drowning, only to be drawn passionately into her arms, but in the morning the handsome hero is gone. Scarlett retreats in anguish, carrying Rhett's child, to her family home in Ireland. She finds love with a ruthless English Earl and a warm welcome thousands of miles from Southern society.

Later, Rhett arrives in Ireland with his new wife and Scarlett, heartbroken once again, retreats to London with the Earl of Fenton. It seems that the two greatest lovers in cinema history are doomed to be apart.

The shooting schedule began in the UK on 09 January 1994; continued in the state of South Carolina in the US from the end of March until late April; and finished in Ireland, where the cameras rolled from mid-May until 23 June 1994.


Black Beauty

Available on DVD
Sean Bean ... Farmer Grey
Alan Cumming ... Voice of Black Beauty
David Thewlis ... Jerry Barker
Jim Carter ... John Manly
Peter Davison ... Squire Gordon
Alan Armstrong ... Reuben Smith
John McEnery ... Mr. York
Eleanor Bron ... Lady Wexmire
Peter Cook ... Lord Wexmire
Adrian Ross Magenty ... Lord George
Lyndon Davies ... Head Groom
Georgina Armstrong ... Jessica Gordon
Gemma Paternoster ... Molly Gordon
Anthony Walters ... Alfred Gordon
Rosalind Ayres ... Mistress Gordon
Andrew Knott ... Joe Green
Directed by ... Caroline Thompson
Screenplay ... Caroline Thompson
From the novel by ... Anna Sewell
"The story of my life is the story of the people in it," reminisces an elderly stallion from his pastoral retirement. It's the first of many axioms - "Kind treatment makes fine horses", "Good people make good homes" - with which, over the years, he has fended off human unkindness.

A succession of owners is played by a dream-team of British actors: Sean Bean, Peter Davison, Peter Cook, Eleanor Bron and David Thewlis.

Sean appears as Farmer Grey in the first fifteen minutes of the film.

Black Beauty was filmed between August and October 1993 in Buckinghamshire and at Pinewood Studios in London.
Black Beauty


Available on DVD
Sean Bean ... Venning
Sadie Frost ... Jo
Jude Law ... Billy
Sean Pertwee ... Tommy
Fraser James ... Be Bop
Marianne Faithfull ... Bev
Jonathan Pryce ... Conway
Melanie Hill ... Sarah
Directed by ... Paul Anderson
Screenplay ... Paul Anderson
Opening with shots of belching industrial pollution set to a pounding heavy metal score, Shopping is a dystopian view of an ultra-violent Britain in the very near future.

Freed from prison, teenage tearaway Billy (Jude Law) is out to reclaim his title of ramraider numero uno. "Shopping", the local sport of choice, consists of driving stolen cars into the picture windows of department stores, looting, then evading the police in high-speed car chases.

But while Billy's been inside, gang rival Tommy (Sean Pertwee) has taken over Billy's turf and before long the two vicious, young hoodlums are locked bumper to bumper in a violent, high-speed battle for supremacy.

Shooting began on Shopping on 13 April 1993. Sean's scenes involved two days of filming, in an underground car park at the Isle of Dogs, and in a disused warehouse in East End London.


A Woman's Guide To Adultery

Available on DVD
Sean Bean ... Paul
Theresa Russell ... Rose
Amanda Donohoe ... Jo Saxon
Adrian Dunbar ... Michael
Ingrid Lacey ... Helen
Neil Morrissey ... David
Danny Webb ... Ray
Fiona Gillies ... Jennifer
Directed by ... David Hayman
Screenplay ... Frank Cottrell Boyce
Novel by ... Carol Clewlow
A Woman's Guide to Adultery tells the story of four women, each of whom is involved in an adulterous affair while trying at the same time to break free of the deceit, lies and misery their relationships invariably foster.

The plot focuses on Rose, who disapproves of extra-marital affairs on the grounds that any woman who sleeps with another woman's husband is committing a crime against her gender; Jo, a politician who is having an affair with a Labour MP; advertising executive Helen, who is married to Michael but is secretly bedding her boss; and Jennifer, a university art professor who becomes involved with one of her students.

When Rose signs up for a photography course taught by married lecturer Paul, she finds herself beginning a relationship which goes against all of her better principles.

Based on the novel by Carol Clewlow, A Woman's Guide to Adultery was shot on location in Paris, and in Bristol, England from 27 May to 17 July 1993.
A Woman's Guide to Adultery

Lady Chatterley

Available on DVD
Sean Bean ... Mellors
Joely Richardson ... Lady Chatterley
Shirley Anne Field ... Mrs. Bolton
Hetty Baynes ... Hilda
Ken Russell ... Sir Michael Reid
Brian Blessed ... Petty Officer
Pat Keen ... Mrs. Mellors
Soo Drouet ... Mrs. Flint
Directed by ... Ken Russell
Screenplay ... Ken Russell
Novel by ... D.H. Lawrence
Lady Constance Chatterley is married to the handicapped Sir Clifford Chatterley, who was wounded in the First World War. When they move to his family's estate, Constance (Connie) meets their tough-yet-quiet groundskeeper, Oliver Mellors. Soon, she discovers that the source of her unhappiness is from not being fulfilled in love, and in turning to the arms of Mellors, she has a sexual awakening that will change her thoughts forever.

Lady Chatterley was shot from 11 May 1992 until 25 July 1992 at locations ranging from Hertfordshire, to woods in Oxfordshire, to the Isle of Wight and Pinewood Studios.
Lady Chatterley


Patriot Games

Available on DVD
Sean Bean ... Sean Miller
Harrison Ford ... Jack Ryan
Anne Archer ... Dr. Caroline "Cathy" Ryan
Patrick Bergin ... Kevin O'Donnell
Thora Birch ... Sally Ryan
James Fox ... Lord William Holmes
Samuel L. Jackson ... Lt. Cmdr. Robby Jackson
Polly Walker ... Annette
James Earl Jones ... Adm. James Greer
Richard Harris ... Paddy O'Neil
Hugh Fraser ... Geoffrey Watkins
Directed by ... Phillip Noyce
Screenplay ... W. Peter Iliff, Donald Stewart
Novel by ... Tom Clancy
His days as an intelligence agent behind him, former CIA analyst Jack Ryan has traveled to London to vacation with his wife and child. Quite by accident while meeting his family outside Buckingham Palace, Ryan is caught in the middle of a terrorist attack on Lord Holmes, a member of the Royal Family. Ryan helps to thwart Holmes' assailants and becomes a local hero. Ryan kills one of the attackers, member of a splinter IRA group, and the dead man's older brother, Sean Miller is convicted and sentenced to prison.

Meanwhile, retuning to the U.S. with his family, Ryan thinks that's the end of the matter. Miller's compatriots, however, engineer his escape, and Miller sets out to wreak revenge on Ryan. Now Ryan must return to action for the most vital assignment of his life: to save his family.

Filmed on locations in and around London, Maryland, Virginia, California, and at Pinewood Studios.
Patriot Games

Inspector Morse: Absolute Conviction

Available on DVD
Sean Bean ... Alex Bailey
John Thaw ... Chief Inspector Morse
Kevin Whately ... Detective Sergeant Lewis
Diana Quick ... Warden Hilary Stephens
Richard Wilson ... Brian Thornton
Jim Broadbent ... Charlie Bennett
David Fielder ... Prison Chaplain
Tony Steedman ... Lawrence Cryer
Robert Pugh ... Geoff Harris - Prison Officer
Directed by ... Antonia Bird
Writers ... Colin Dexter (characters), John Brown (screenplay)
When Chief Inspector Morse goes to prison - not permanently, but to solve the killing of a convicted real-estate swindler - he discovers that it's not any easier to trap a murderer when the suspects are already locked up.

The dead man, Lawrence Cryer, was one of an "unholy" trio of real-estate entrepreneurs who stole millions of pounds from their investors. They were convicted and sent to serve out two-year terms at Farnleigh, an experimental low-security prison, where the inmates are known as "guests". Morse is sure that a large amount of money from the swindle is hidden away, and Cryer's two remaining partners-in-crime - the cynical Alex Bailey and the born-again Christian Brian Thornton immediately come under suspicion.

In their investigation, Morse and Detective Sergeant Lewis enter the world of the prison, where they soon discover that everything is not as "progressive" as it seems. While Morse must tread carefully with the prison's warden, Mrs. Stevens, whose reputation is on the line, Lewis must keep his eye on an ambitious young police cadet who is trying to crack his first big case. And where does Charlie Bennett, a man who claims he was mistakenly sent to prison for his wife's murder, fit in?

Absolute Conviction was filmed in August 1991 and is the fourth episode of Series 6 of Inspector Morse.
Inspector Morse: Absolute Conviction


Fool's Gold

Available on DVD
Sean Bean ... Micky McAvoy
Trevor Byfield ... Jimmy Kimpton
Larry Lamb ... Kenneth Noye
George Jackos ... The Brother
Sharon Maiden ... Jackie McAvoy
Eve Bland ... Kathy
Brian Croucher ... Brian Robinson
Jeremy Child ... Dep. Asst. Com. Brian Worth
Michael Redfern ... Det. Chief Supt. Brian Boyce
Directed by ... Terry Winsor
Writers ... Jeff Pope, Terry Winsor
In 1983, a ruthless South London gang thought they had hit the jackpot when, after pouring petrol over guards in a Brinks-Mat warehouse at Heathrow Airport, and threatening to set them alight if they didn't open the safe, they discovered - not the #1 million in cash they were expecting - but three tons of bullion destined for the Far East.

Britain's biggest-ever robbery - the bullion was worth #26 million - led eventually to betrayal, death and misery, and the imprisonment of a dozen people in a series of trials spread over the best part of a decade. London Weekend Television had to wait until no more trials were pending before they could screen the drama in 1992.

The gang leader, Micky McAvoy, is currently serving 25 years in prison. In spite of McAvoy's belief that his friends would never betray him, the vast bulk of the gold was quickly melted down and was never recovered. About #18 million of the proceeds were traced to various bank accounts.

Filming took place from 23 March until 23 April, 1992 in the East End of London, in Kent and in Spain where, in time-honoured tradition, some of the villains were believed to have fled. The production was shot on a budget of less than #500,000.
Fool's Gold


Limited Availability Online
Sean Bean ... Jack Morgan
Celia Montague ... Marie Morgan
Janet McTeer ... Adult Claudie
Jackie McGuire ... Claudie Morgan
Directed by ... David Wheatley
Writer ...Julie Burchill
"Quite simply, he loved Prince more than he loved me - more than he loved anyone."

A wintry graveyard, trees with black branches, a small group - mother, father and daughter - gathered desolately by a graveside to mourn a departed family member. And on the headstone, the picture of a leering, tongue-rolling Alsatian dog.

While Jack weeps helplessly, Claudie recalls her dog-dominated childhood. To the despair of her French mother, Marie, Prince tyrannises the household, scaring visitors and showing a particular aversion to pregnant women. Though gentle with Claudie, he senses Marie's dislike of him, and often blocks her way to the lavatory, forcing her to run desperately round to the neighbouring houses.

Years later, musing on her father's single-minded devotion, the adult Claudie returns to her luxury high-rise London flat, and is warmly greeted - by an Alsatian.

Prince was filmed over a two month period in January and February 1991.



Available on DVD
Sean Bean ... Robert Lovelace
Saskia Wickham ... Clarissa Harlowe
Sean Pertwee ... Jack Belford
Jonathan Phillips ... James
Lynsey Baxter ... Bella
Jeffrey Wickham ... Mr. Harlowe
Cathryn Harrison ... Mrs. Sinclair
Lynsey Baxter ... Bella
Michael Feast ... Tomlinson
Shirley Henderson ... Sally
Lucy Robinson ... Deb
Darby Hawker ... Dorcas
Matthew Sim ... Mowbray
Hermione Norris ... Anna Rowe
Directed by ... Robert Bierman
Writers ...Janet Barron, David Nokes
From the novel ...Samuel Richardson, "Clarissa Harlowe: or the History of a Young Lady"
British author Samuel Richardson went all out when he wrote Clarissa in the mid-18th century. At more than one million words, it's the longest novel in English literature.

Clarissa is the story of a virtuous, virginal heiress who runs away from her nasty family. Her family have aspirations to move into the aristocracy and want her to marry the repellent Mr Soames as part of their plan. Clarissa manages to escape from them with the help of the handsome Lovelace, whose intentions towards her prove to be less than entirely honourable. But it is the steadfast virtue of Miss Harlowe that turns the tables on Lovelace as he discovers some ugly truths about himself and searches for redemption at the hands of his best friend.

With a budget of over #3 million, filming on Clarissa began 29 Apr 1991 and continued for 16 weeks until 19 July 1991. Locations included several large country houses (one in the north of England, another near Stratford, and a third in Hampstead). Some exteriors were shot outside The Inns of Court in London but much of the filming was done at London's Ealing Studios, where a three-storey Georgian house was specially constructed for the series.

In the Border Country

Limited Availability Online
Sean Bean ... Smith
Juliet Stevenson ... Margaret
Saskia Reeves ... Helen
Sean McGinley ... Hugh
Dervla Kirwan ... Morna
Ian McElhinney ... McQuire
Michael McKnight ... Michael
Directed by ... Thaddeus O'Sullivan
Writer ...Daniel Mornin
This Irish drama, with black-clad figures moving across the Ulster landscape, is set in the war torn country between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland where involvement in the IRA is ripping families apart. The lives of two sisters are suddenly thrown into turmoil when they find their own ways to cope after their husbands leave on a dangerous mission.

Margaret is pregnant and left with two grown children - her son David, who is being pulled in two directions by his parents fighting, and her daughter, Morna, who resents her mother's anger forward her father and her mother's relationship with McQuire, her father's enemy. Meanwhile, Margaret's sister, Helen, begins a romantic relationship with a stranger.

Sean Bean plays Smith, the British soldier who begins the affair with Helen. In his hotel room, Smith takes a telephone call, then leaves to kill a man who works with his lover's husband. The widow of this man turns out to be Margaret - Helen's sister. At the funeral Margaret asks Helen if her time spent with Smith was 'worth it'. She responds 'Yes, every bit of it'.

In a memorable scene in bed, Smith and his lover have the following exchange: Woman: "Who are you?' Smith: "Who do I look like?" Woman: "You look like Lawrence of Arabia without the camel." Smith: "That's me." The film ends with a surprising turn of events. The inspiration for this drama came from the Greek dramatist Aeschylos' trilogy, the 'Orestia', which tells the story of Agamemnon's return from the Trojan War and his subsequent murder by his wife, Clytemnestra, and her lover, Aegisthus, which is avenged by Agamemnon's son, Orestes.

Filming began on 19 November 1990 at Howth, near Dublin, and continued for three weeks. This drama was awarded Best Television Drama at the 1991 Banff Television Festival and Best Made for Television Drama at the Chicago Film Festival.
In the Border Country


Tell Me That You Love Me

Limited Availability Online
Sean Bean ... Gabriel Lewis
Judith Scott ... Laura Sims
James Wilby ... Michael Evans
Rowena Cooper ... Connie Sims
Dervla Kirwan ... Morna
David Lyon ... Leslie Boyd
Directed by ... Bruce MacDonald
Writer ... Adrian Hodges
Laura Simms is in her early thirties. Her ex-boyfriend Michael, whom she still sees, is charming, unreliable and unfaithful. Over Laura's birthday dinner, he tells her he is getting married. This upsets Laura and she runs to the Ladies' Room; while she's away, Michael scrawls their waitress's telephone number on the bill, which Laura sees on her return. She reacts angrily and rushes out of the restaurant, eventually losing her way in a dark alley. She is followed by a stranger, who saw what happened and paid the bill. He offers to call her a taxi.

Tell Me That You Love Me reworks the classic women's magazine romance into a deliberately light drama with menacing undertones. The opening sequences contain romantic cliches: candle-lit dinners, beautiful clothes, an irresponsible yet irresistable ex-boyfriend, and a strong, silent lover.

But here is where conventional romances end. In this case, Tell Me That You Love Me becomes a thriller. The heroine discovers that her dream lover is a violent and obsessive man who punches a drunk in a restaurant, believing a pass was made at Laura; who leaves a string of messages on her answerphone and inundating her with twelve dozen roses after they've quarreled and becomes insanely jealous of Michael. In the end, the consequences of this relationship are both menacing, and tragic.

Tell Me That You Love Me was filmed 08 October to 04 November 1990.
Tell Me That You Love Me

My Kingdom for a Horse

Limited Availability Online
Sean Bean ... Steve
Jane Clifford ... Sharon
Sheila Hancock ... Steve's Mother
Bryan Pringle ... Steve's Father
Andrew Livingston ... Pud
Directed by ... Barbara Rennie
Writer ... John Godber
Steve teaches history at the school which he previously attended as a pupil ("five years as a kid, eight years as a teacher"), and devotes his spare time to the Sealed Knot Society, dressed in 17th century uniform and wielding a pikestaff. His commanding officer is also his head of department. The action starts on the field of Naseby, on one of those mornings when "I want to die in an early skirmish".

Steve is a school teacher who still lives at home, cannot make life decisions, but is NOT so geeky that he doesn't fancy a girl, can put up a fight, and proves that indeed there is a real man in there. He drinks with his friend Pud and on the surface, the two appear to be codependent. He tolerates the excessive attention he gets from his mother, transports his pike on the roofrack of his unreliable car and eventually, he plucks up enough courage to make a date with Sharon only to have his mate, Pud, tag along. He sees his pupils as future cannon fodder, like himself.

With wry humour, the play explores his dreams of escape and occasional rebellious outbursts against the footsoldier's lot. When Sharon points out his inability to take control of his life and lack of courage to change anything, Steve realizes what he stands to lose and what kind of life he is doomed to live out and declares his manhood.

My Kingdom for a Horse was filmed in September 1988.
My Kingdom For A Horse


The Field

Available on DVD
Sean Bean ... Tadgh McCabe
Richard Harris ... 'Bull' McCabe
Brenda Fricker ... Maggie McCabe
John Hurt ... Bird' O'Donnell
Jenny Conroy ... Tinker Girl
Directed by ... Jim Sheridan
Writer ... John B. Keane (play), Jim Sheridan (writer)
Ireland, 1939, memories of the great potato famine (1845-49) still persist, as do the country's feudal farming practices. After years of backbreaking toil, tenant Bull McCabe has transformed the field from three acres of rocky wasteland into a lush green pasture. But when the widow landlady decides to put the property up for auction without considering his work, an outraged McCabe is determined to buy it at all costs.

Unfortunately, there is another interested party, an American, whose plans for the field include paving it over to provide access to the limestone-rich hills beyond. Further complicating Bull's troubles are his slow-witted son Tadgh, who to his father's dismay shows no inclination towards making anything of a life for himself; and McCabe's wife Maggie, to whom Bull has not spoken a single word since the suicide death of their other son twenty years earlier.

When Tadgh falls in love with a rough gypsy girl, Bull is outraged. The gypsies are a displaced people who don't care about the land - and to Bull, the land - and his field - means stability, ownership and family tradition. Bull's constant companion, the simple minded Bird O'Donnell tries to warn him of the consequences of his obsession with both the field and his quest to make a man out of Tadgh, but his advice goes unheeded, with ultimately tragic consequences.

With a budget of #5 million, filming on The Field began on 02 October 1989 and lasted for eight weeks.
The Field


Limited Availability Online
Sean Bean ... Man
Lesley Sharp ... Woman
Melanie Thaw ... Girl
Directed by ... Malcolm McKay
Writer ... Jim Cartwright
Wedded is a play looking at a couple whose marriage is shakey; the husband drives through the night, while the wife looks back and reflects on the state of their marriage. The wife's unusual way of dealing with the problems in her life is an obsessional interest in Shirley Bassey.

The play travels through their crisis, where they are unable to face an uncertain dawn.

Wedded was filmed over a three day period beginning 14 July 1990.



Available on DVD
Sean Bean ... Anton van Heerden
John Hurt ... Charles Rutherford
Marius Weyers ... Henning
Lesley Fong ... Nhadiep
Kurt Egelhof ... Pieterse
Dana Niehaus ... Helmut
Directed by ... David Wicht
Writer ... David Wicht
Windprints is the story of a young South African trying to come to terms with his role in a society going through tremendous social and political changes.

Anton van Heerden, a news cameraman working at the forefront of the political upheaval in Johannesburg during the early 1980's, is sent to film a manhunt in Namibia where he is forced to confront his attitude to his work and his Afrikaner roots, with violent consequences.

Anton is known as a highly skilled cameraman, capable of getting sensational news footage. Like many cameramen, he uses the camera to keep an objective distance between himself and the events he records. A colleague, Thozamile, however, accuses him of recklessness and urges him to get more personally involved in the events he films. As his camera work is seen across the world he has a responsibility to ensure it reflects the events accurately rather than relying on sensation for effect.

Anton is given the opportunity to consider Thozamile's challenge when he is sent to Namibia by his bureau chief to work with veteran news journalist, Charles Rutherford. To his people, Nhadiep's ability to defy the authorities has come to symbolize a spirit of defiance against the settlers in Namibia, despite his violence towards his own people.

Anton is gradually drawn in by the mysteries surrounding the enigmatic Nhadiep and soon finds himself aggressively urging the pragmatic and skeptical Charles to get to the 'heart of the story', with dramatic consequences for all.

Set against the stark Namibian landscape, Windprints is in many ways a parable, a window onto the complex world of a society that is struggling to contain the rapid and inevitable changes that are taking place. It is told from the point of view of a young liberal Afrikaner who, though bewildered by the problems that beset his country, learns to fight for what he believes.

Small Zones

Limited Availability Online
Sean Bean ... Vic
Catherine Neilson ... Jenny
Suzanna Hamilton ... Irina Ratushinskaya
Barrie Houghton ... Priest
Angela Walsh ... Tracey
William Ilkley ... Mike
Directed by ... Michael Whyte
Writer ... Jim Hawkins
Small Zones is a BBC feature film set against the grim background of unemployment in Hull in 1986. Jenny is a lively young woman, but her husband's violent behaviour is crushing her spirit. A thousand miles away in Russia another young woman, Irina Ratushinskaya, is serving hard labour for writing poetry. When Jenny reads her poems, the images they create of Irina's life in prison affect her more than anyone understands.

Small Zones was filmed over a one month period on location in Humberside and at Spurn Head, beginning on 07 November 1988.
Small Zones


Lorna Doone

Available on DVD
Sean Bean ... Carver Doone
Clive Owen ... John Ridd
Polly Walker ... Lorna Doone
Miles Anderson ... Tom Faggus
Jane Gurnett ... Annie Ridd
Euan Grant MacLachlan ... Ensie Doone
Billie Whitelaw ... Sarah Ridd
Robert Stephens ... Sir Ensor Doone
Rachel Kempson ... Lady Dugal
Hugh Fraser ... King James II
Directed by ... Andrew Grieve
Screenplay ... Matthew Jacobs
From the novel by ... Richard D. Blackmore
Lorna Doone, an epic romance and one of the classic love stories in English Literature. Based on R.D. Blackmore's novel and filmed on the outskirts of Glasgow in the spring of 1990, this vivid production tells of John Ridd, a young West Country yeoman during the lawless times of King James II.

Ridd's father has been killed by the Doones, a clan of aristocratic but murderous outlaws who inhabit a neighbouring valley. John's search for vengeance is complicated by his love for Lorna, a daughter of the Doone clan. Their passionate love for one another drives the story towards a thrilling and romantic climax.

Behind the romance and the adventure lie the richer themes of revenge and forgiveness. Through his love for Lorna, John is able to heal the scars left by the Doones' callous killing of his father.
Lorna Doone


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