Site History

Who: It’s a Sean Bean site (obviously) and was created/designed by Kari and now maintained by Sable.

What: Kari had always been into building websites since she was fourteen and she really loves Sean and wanted to make a site for him because though there are some really good sites out there already, she always loves spreading the word around even more. It’s actually sad about how many people haven’t heard of him, so she wanted to fix that 😉

Where: The site is proudly hosted by Chimehost.

When: This site opened October 27, 2006. This was also Kari’s first year anniversary of seeing yet another British love, Sir Paul McCartney in concert. The site moved to the new domain, July 7, 2009 and on September 1, 2009, obtained the companion domain On January 20, 2010, the original domain,, was acquired. The site was again relocated to its original domain,, in August, 2018.

Why: Because Sean is amazing 🙂

How: she got the idea into her head and applied for hosting and was accepted. She has amazing and useful self-taught programming and graphic skills.

Credits & Thank Yous from Sable

If I miss anyone, please holler at me:

» I am deeply thankful to Kari for giving me the opportunity to maintain her most exquisite and delicious Sean Bean fansite and to BlueJay for giving me the confidence to rise to the task. 🙂
» Carolyn also known as Sylvene, for helping me fix links, proofread and validate code and for her gracious donation of a home for The Chatterley chatroom.» HUGE Thanks to BlueJay, Sylvene, Kimmy, Lasue and Patch for kindly taking on the thankless job of being co-admins and taking over the task of riding herd on the madness that is the forums:)

Stuff Sable uses:

  • CoreFTP
  • Coppermine Photo Gallery
  • Snag It
  • GIMP
  • Dreamweaver, Fireworks
  • Credits & Thank Yous from Kari

    There are a lot of you so if I don’t mention you, I’m sorry! But don’t worry, you’re what I’m most grateful for 🙂

    » Sarah and Kelsey for first being my little staffers when I first attempted this. You guys are the greatest fhanis ever!
    » Jessica for helping me with the Coppermine and trading image accounts and the like.
    » Diane also known as Sable… You’re my Bean Auntie and I love you so much! You’ve been a great help with the site and forums as well and finding articles and media clips and, DAMN you’ve done just so much!
    » Caroline also known as Blue Jay, my other Bean Auntie! You’ve been a loooot of help typing up articles and reviewing site changes and all kinds of stuff as well! I love you sooo much and you’re just so great!
    » and Sean! For being the wonderful man that he is to make such a great subject for a fansite!

    Stuff Kari uses:

  • CoreFTP
  • Coppermine Photo Gallery
  • Site Meter
  • Edit Pad
  • Adobe Photoshop